Noyabrsk CCPP has passed the power validation test

28 January 2016

The System Operator of the United Power System” has approved the results of the scheduled power requalification at Noyabrsk CCPP. The power plant confirmed its capability to carry the maximum electrical load of 124 MW.

Requalification of the Noyabrsk CCPP generating equipment was held in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement for accession to the Trading system of the Wholesale power market. Its objective was to identify the actual available power of the generating equipment at the power plant. During requalification the power units of Noyabrsk CCPP operated at maximum capacity for 8 hours. Based on the test results PJSC “The System Operator of the United Power System” qualified the available power of both power units as 62MW per unit.

Noyabrsk CCPP was put into operation in 2010. The installed electric power of the power plant makes 124 MW, the thermal power amounts to 95 Gcal/h. Commissioning of Noyabrsk CCPP allowed for partial elimination of the electric power shortage in the Noyabrsk energy system and considerable improvement of the electric power supply reliability for the Noyabrsk consumers. The power plant construction project was implemented by “Intertechelectro - New Generation”. Based on the annual rating "Generating companies: efficiency of the generating equipment performance ", carried out by the Market Council to evaluate the performance of more than 400 power plants, LLC "Noyabrsk CCPP" has been recognized as the best company in Russia for four years in a row.