Integrated testing of Power generating unit No1 has been carried out at Kurgan CHP-2

11 March 2013

CJSC “Intertechelectro” has successfully conducted integrated testing of the equipment on Power Generating Unit No1 of Kurgan CHP-2.

The tests involved a 72-hour operation of the power generating unit at rated load followed by mandatory tests under various operating conditions. Reliability and operability of the main equipment and auxiliary systems was verified; no operating irregularities were identified. Based on the testing results the power unit committed capacity was qualified by the Grid Operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia. Successful completion of the power unit integrated testing is indicative of its readiness for commercial operation. Today Power generating unit No 1 is in operation with the design output of 111MW.

Kurgan CHP-2 will consist of two 111 MW power generating units. Each power unit includes a 76 MW PG 6111FA gas turbine, made by General Electric, a 35 MW SST-400 heating steam turbine, made by Siemens, and a heat recovery steam generator. The CHP installed electrical capacity will amount to 222 MW, the heat output- to 250 Gcal/h. The construction of Kurgan CHP-2 will substantially improve the power service in the Kurgan region and create favorable conditions for social and economic development of the town and region.