Commissioning works are underway at Kurgan CHP-2

05 September 2012

Commissioning of the major equipment is in progress at the power plant. Fired starts of the gas turbine with subsequent no-load running, as well as the waste heat boiler wash-out and trial starts are underway. Siemens is preparing for the steam turbine start.

Finishing works have been completed in the main building, the fire-protection and ventilation systems have been installed. The interconnected control board has been commissioned. Construction of the gas treatment plant and installation of the gas treatment equipment are completed, the gas booster compressors have been installed, the gas supply, required for the main equipment commissioning has been provided. Construction of the circulating and make-up water pumping stations as well as the cooling tower has been completed. The 110 kV open switchgear has been mounted and energized. The administrative and amenity building has been erected, the exterior and interior finishing works are nearing completion. The communication lines have been laid; the security and CCTV systems have been installed at the CHP site. Construction of the on-site roads is underway and the site improvements are in progress. The heat distribution scheme has been completed.

It is planned to install a General Electric PSS (Power System Stabilizer) software module at Kurgan CHP-2, which will allow for integration of the gas turbine control system and the generator excitation system. The system stabilizer module will monitor the generator speed and in combination with the control system will automatically maintain the gas turbine performance settings. The PSS module installation will provide for power output to the 110 kV power grid in accordance with the requirements of the Russian United Energy System Operator. Previously a PSS module was installed at the Syzran CHP which was equipped with similar gas turbines. Integrated testing of the Syzran CHP power generating units was successfully completed in August.

Kurgan CHP-2 will consist of two 111 MW power generating units. Each power unit includes a General Electric 76 MW PG 6111FA gas turbine, a Siemens 35 MW SST-400 heating steam turbine and a waste heat boiler. The CHP installed electrical capacity will amount to 222 MW, the heat output- to 250 Gcal/h. The construction of Kurgan CHP-2 will substantially improve the power service in the Kurgan region and create favorable conditions for social and economic development of the town and region.