Commissioning of the hot water system at Kurgan CHP-2 has been completed.

07 November 2012

An essential stage of the commissioning works has been completed at Kurgan CHP-2: commissioning of the plant hot-water system.

In the course of works the HP steam pipelines were vented, the hot water boilers were subjected to hydraulic tests; the heating water system was filled up, circulation of the heating main commenced.

According to Executive Director of LLC “Kurgan CHP” Narkis Galiaskarov, commissioning of the plant is proceeding as scheduled. “Concurrently with the hot-water system commissioning, the other main equipment was commissioned as well, - noted Narkis Galiaskarov – a number of the gas turbine starts with the load increase have been carried out at the first power unit, the heat recovery boiler has been treated with chelamine. We are getting ready for the steam turbine start to be carried out in the nearest future, following which the commissioning works will be on the home stretch”.

Completion of the commissioning works at the first power generating unit is scheduled for December 22, 2012.

Finishing works in the main building have been completed; the fire-protection and ventilation systems have been installed. The interconnected control panel has been put into service. Construction of the gas treatment plant and installation works on the gas treatment equipment have been completed, the gas booster compressors are installed. Construction of the circulating and make-up water pumping stations as well as the water-cooling tower has been completed. The 110 kV open switchgear has been mounted and energized. The administrative and amenity building has been erected, its exterior and interior finishing is nearing completion. The plant communication lines have been laid; the security and CCTV systems have been installed. The site improvement is in progress.