First firing of a gas turbine carried out at Kurgan CHP-2

04 Jule 2012

The first firing and idle running of a gas turbine has been carried out at Kurgan CHP-2.

Check measurements of the equipment operating parameters were taken and operation of the automatic protection systems was tested during the trial run. The turbine firing was carried out under the supervision of a technical advisor from the turbine manufacturer - General Electric. Following a series of trial runs and integrated testing, the gas turbine will be ready for operation.

Precommissioning of the main equipment is currently in progress at the power plant. Finishing work is underway in the turbine house and the boiler room, as well as in the administrative and joint auxiliary buildings. Construction and installation of the gas treatment plant have been completed. Construction of the make-up water pumping station is nearing completion. The 110 kV open switchgear has been mounted and energized. Mounting of the power transformers and the 6 kV and 0,4 kV auxiliary switchgear is finished, their precommissioning is in progress.

Kurgan CHP-2 will consist of two 111 MW power generating units. Each power unit includes a General Electric 76 MW PG 6111FA gas turbine, a Siemens 35 MW SST-400 heating steam turbine and a waste heat boiler. The installed electrical capacity will amount to 222 MW, the heat output- 250 Gcal/h. The construction of Kurgan CHP-2 will substantially improve the energy supply in the Kurgan region and create favorable conditions for social and economic development of the town and the region.