Russian-German venture “Kurganskaya WPS” makes headway in the implementation of its wind farm construction project in the Transurals

05 Jule 2012

CJSC "Intertechelectro" and Sowitec International GmbH, which early in the year founded joint venture “Kurganskaya WPS”, continue to work out technical details of the 50MW wind farm project implementation.

The wind farm construction site is located in the Shumikha district of the Kurgan region. The project site choice has been dictated by the favorable climatic conditions and well-developed energy infrastructure of the region. Having conducted the wind measurements and having obtained positive preliminary results, the technicians of LLC “Kurganskaya WPS” installed the second wind measurement mast directly at the prospective location of the wind turbines.

In June representatives of “Intertechelectro” and Sowitec held working sessions with Head of the Shumikha District Alexander Bukreyev and Director of the Western Electric Power Network of JSC “Kurganenergo” Vladimir Sazhin. The meetings were focused on the issues, relevant to the wind farm location and possibility of connection and electrical capacity delivery to the operational power grid. In the course of the working sessions it was noted that the Kurgan region had a high potential in terms of the wind power generation development and needed additional sources of energy. The Kurgan region can become the first one in the Urals area to provide “green” energy to consumers on a commercial scale.

The JV professionals have already defined the optimum wind farm configuration. Today they proceed to select the relevant equipment suppliers and engage in the organizational activities, related to addressing the land issue, obtaining the necessary certificates and permits, as well as to commencing the design efforts.