MES of Center has launched complete modernization of the 220 kV Rayonnaya substation

24 September 2009

MES of Center, branch of OJSC «FSK UES» has launched complete reconstruction of the 220 kV Rayonnaya substation (city of Vladimir). After the modernization the facility output will increase by 113,5 MVA and reach 460 MVA. Putting of additional capacities into operation will allow raising substantially reliability of power supply of the city of Vladimir inhabited by 340,000.00 people. OJSC «FSK UES» reconstruction investments will exceed 4,3 billion rubles. CJSC “Intertechelectro” is the general contractor on the substation works.

A new modern closed power facility will be constructed by the existing substation. It will have installed 110 and 220 kV SF6 complete switchgears that are relatively small, have long operation period, high reliability and safety. Autotransformers will be mounted in closed chambers having gas-based fire extinguishing system. Besides, this new power facility shall be equipped with up-to-date relay protection microprocessing units, DCS, modern communications and protective video surveillance. Obsolete equipment will be deinstalled after construction works and new equipment mounting is finished. The new 220 kV Rayonnaya substation will be the 1st closed facility of the Vladimir power system. Compactness, environmental and fire safety, noiselessness are the most important advantages of the substation.

The 220 kV Rayonnaya substation of installed capacity 346,5 MVA was put into operation in 1963. It’s one of the main power sources of the city of Vladimir supplying its consumers including large industrial plants such as OJSC «Vladimir electromotorniy plant» and OJSC «Vladimir tractor plant». Decision on complete modernization of the 220 kV Vladimirskaya substation was made in 2006 after this voltage class facilities had been transferred to the MES of Center maintenance. Because of unsatisfactory condition of the accepted objects OJSC «FSK UES» has approved and presently is implementing investment program directed to their reconstruction.