Commissioning works are being performed at the 1st power unit of the Noyabrsk CCGT PP

28 August 2009

Commissioning works are being fulfilled on the 1st power unit major equipment of the Noyabrsk CCGT PP (YNAO).

The 1st power unit steam turbine is put to the hydraulic ratchet pump. The oil circulation, turbine cooling system and generator cooling closed loop washing is finished. The fire extinguishing system hydraulic tests are executed, ventilation system running capacity is tested. The circulation system washing and steam turbine vacuum system pressurization is performed. Oil circulation through bearings and detectors of mechanical quantities is finished. At present the steam turbine is put to the hydraulic ratchet pump. The HRSG depreservation diagram is mounted, boiler gas air duct preliminary pressurization is done. The feeding pumps working capacity with the software and hardware complex is checked.

The Noyabrsk CCGT power plant is one of the most innovative facilities of such kind in Russia. The power units comprise the 42 MW General Electric PG6581 gas turbine, HRSG produced by OJSC «ZIO-Podolsk» and 20 MW steam turbine (OJSC «Kaluga turbine plant»). The station installed electric capacity is 124 MW, the thermal one being 90 Gcal/h. The power plant constitutes the first stage of implementation of the “Industrial Urals-Polar Urals” Project power unit. This power plant is an entity of wholesale electricity market and is included into the summary forecasted balance of electric power generation and supply within the framework of UES of Russia.