The Kurgan CHPP-2 cooling tower is manufactured

15 Jule 2009

The CTF 180/V fan cell-type cooling tower is designated for cooling the water used in the CHPP equipment working process. It consists of 5 cells each of which is equipped with a fan. Cooling process is performed by means of water evaporation on special sprinklers where the open air stream is supplied to. Cooled water is fed from the sprinklers to a water tank wherefrom it is taken for the operation process needs.

The CTF-type cooling towers differ from the existing countertypes by simple installation and operation, high efficiency and environmental properties. During the tests the cooling tower major components were visually and dimensionally checked, the fans motors were inspected, completeness of delivery before shipment was verified.

 The Kurgan CHPP-2 will comprise 2 power units, 111 MW each. Each power unit consists of the General Electric 76 MW PG 6111FA gas turbine, Siemens 35 MW SST-400 steam cogeneration turbine and HRSG. The CHPP installed electric output is 222 MW, the heat power being 250 Gcal/h. The Kurgan CHPP-2 construction will allow improving the Kurgan region power supply and provide conditions for social and economic development of the city and region.