CJSC «Intertechelectro» is completing structural steel installation of the Chelyabinsk CHPP-3 power unit under construction

28 Jule 2009

At the site the CHPP main building expandable part steel structures erection is being finished. The metalwork overall weight is more than 700 tons. The lower part of the steam turbine unit, gas turbine unit and stack foundations is made, the ST and GT units upper part columns are concreted as well. The turbine building butt end rolling-up is fulfilled, the de-aerating rack force plate is concreted.

At present the constructors are finishing arranging temporary roads and railway crossings on the site and are building the formwork for the steam and gas turbines foundations superstructure. The boiler framework structural steel, main building expandable part wall fencing and turbine building butt end movable part is assembled, turbine building force plate is concreted. The works on arranging the transformers rolling ways are being completed.

 The Chelyabinsk CHPP-3 3rd power unit equipment will comprise the 160 MW GTE-160 gas turbine produced by OJSC "Leningrad metal plant", 60 MW steam cogeneration turbine by “Kaluga turbine plant” and HRSG manufactured by “ZiO” (city of Podolsk). Putting the CHPP 3rd unit into operation will increase reliability of power supply of the housing community consumers and industrial plants of the city of Chelyabinsk.