Press releases

21 January 2008

The foundation for the first gas turbine cemented at the Noyabrsk CCGTPP site

The foundation for the gas turbine of Noyabrsk Combined-Cycle Power Plant, the construction of which is with Intertechelectro – New Generation Group, has been cemented within a day.

18 January 2008

Expansion of Tevlin Substation in Kogalym and Asomkinskaya Substation in Nefteyugansk successfully completed

Intertechelectro CJSC within Intertechelectro – New Generation Group commissioned 110 kV Tevlin Substation (Kogalym Electric Networks) and Asomkinskaya Substation (Nefteyugansk Electric Networks) to Tyumenenergo OJSC.

09 January 2008

Enterprises within Intertechelectro – New Generation Group obtained certificates of conformity to international standards of the quality management system

The quality management system, corresponding to requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, has been implemented and employed in Intertechelectro CJSC and Project & Engineering Center New Generation LLC.

29 December 2007

Operating results of the Kurgan HPP-2 construction in 2007 announced

During the briefing held today in Kurgan HPP-2 LLC office the Intertechelectro – New Generation Group operating results related to construction of a new HPP have been announced.

25 December 2007

Deputies of Nizhnevartovsk support unanimously the HPP gas turbine construction project

The Intertechelectro – New Generation Group project for construction of Nizhnevartovsk GT HPP (KhMAD) was supported by the City Administration Head and by the Municipal Duma deputies at their last meeting dedicated to the expiring year of 2007.

18 December 2007

Intertechelectro – New Generation LLC gains victory in the TGK-2 OJSC tender

Intertechelectro – New Generation, a design-and-investment company was recognized as the winning bidder of the open tender held by TGK-2 OJSC and selected to be the EPC/EPCM General Contractor for implementation of the turnkey investment project related to expansion of the Vologda HPP production.

11 December 2007

The second PG6581 series GE gas turbine unloaded at the Noyabrsk CCGTPP site

The second GE gas turbine, unique by its characteristics, has been delivered to Noyabrsk (YaNAD) by dint of the same way as the first one. All the equipment for two gas turbine units will be delivered in full within a month to the Combined-Cycle Power Plant, which is being constructed by Intertechelectro – New Generation Group.

04 December 2007

The first contract for delivery of major equipment for Kurgan HPP-2 signed

The contract with Siemens for delivery of a steam turbine for Kurgan HPP–2 was signed in November by PSG–International in Brno (Czech Republic).

20 November 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation Group Started Construction of Priobskaya STPS

Intertechelectro — New Generation LLC Group of Companies has driven the first pile into the foundation of a gas turbine power station at Priobskoye Field (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District Yugra) developed by RN-Yuganskneftegaz LLC (a subsidiary of NK Rosneft OJSC).

14 November 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation LLC Presented Vision of Nizhnevartovsk GT HPP

The Town of Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, KMAD) held a meeting between the representatives for Intertechelectro-New Generation Group of Companies headed by Ildar Bulatov, Deputy Director General for New Projects, and Mayor of Nizhnevartovsk and Speaker of the Municipal Duma, their Deputies, as well as chief officers for a number of municipal companies.

13 November 2007

Environ UK Experts to Undertake Environmental Assessment of Nizhnevartovsk GT HPP

The site for Nizhnevartovsk Gas Turbine CCGP, a project to be implemented by Intertechelectro-New Generation LLC, was visited by the experts of Environ UK Company (environmental experts of General Electric) to undertake an environmental assessment of the project.

09 November 2007

First GE Series PG6581 Gas Turbine Designed for Noyabrsk CCGP Arrived at Kogalym Airport

The first gas turbine designed for Noyabrsk CCGP arrived at the Town of Kogalym by a special flight of Ruslan air liner from St. Petersburg. An almost 100-ton piece of equipment was shipped to the Town of Noyabrsk by a truck train.

01 November 2007

First GE Series PG6581 Gas Turbine Crossed Russian Frontier. It Will Be Installed at Noyabrks CCGP

A gas turbine and generator weighing 170 tons in total arrived to the Port of St. Petersburg. The equipment designed for Noyabrsk CCGP being erected by Intertechelectro-New Generation Group of Companies has been supplied from a GE factory in France.

31 October 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation LLC Held Negotiations with <nobr>PSG-International</nobr> concerning Equipment Supplies to Kurgan <nobr>HPP-2</nobr>

Steam turbine units manufactured by Siemens will be installed at Kurgan HPP-2 that is erected by Intertechelectro-New Generation Group of Companies.

24 October 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation Group of Companies Took Part in IV International Investment Forum <nobr>Yugra-2007</nobr>

Viktor Borodin, First Deputy Director General of Intertechelectro-New Generation LLC, addressed a session of Yugra-2007 Forum held at Khanty-Mansiysk.

12 October 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation LLC Plans to Dispose of Carbon Assets under Kurgan <nobr>HPP-2</nobr> Construction Project

The construction of Kurgan HPP-2 based on advanced technology will permit Intertechelectro-New Generation in cooperation with Camco International to dispose of 880 thousand tons of CO2 under Kyoto Protocol.

11 October 2007

Viktor Kazarin, <nobr>Vice-Governor</nobr> of YNAD, Inspected Construction of Noyabrsk CCGP

Viktor Kazarin, Vice-Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, made a working visit to the construction site of Noyabrsk Combined Cycle Generation Plant.

03 October 2007

YNAD Governmental Officials Visited Noyabrsk CCGP

Dmitry Feofanov, Director of Energy and Utility Complex Department for YNAD, made a working visit to the construction site of Noyabrsk Combined Cycle Generation Plant.

26 September 2007

First Pile Has Been Driven into Foundations of Main Building of Kurgan <nobr>HPP-2.</nobr> <nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation Group of Companies Officially Started Construction of New Thermal Power Station

A combined cycle thermal power station (222 MW and 250 GCal) will cover a power deficit in Kurgan Region by more than 40% and will make a great push for the regional economy development.

26 September 2007

<nobr>Intertechelectro-New</nobr> Generation LLC and <nobr>PSG-International</nobr> Signed Contract for Design, Supply and Construction of CCGP at Kurgan on September 26, 2007

PSG- International will operate as the EPC Contractor for Kurgan HPP-2 Construction Project, i.e. will ensure turnkey construction of a combined cycle generation plant.